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Spanish for Beginners - 180 hours / 3 levels

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Now is the time to learn Spanish from the comfort of your home with an interesting and entertaining course

Course Features
1. Our online course will allow students from around the world to gain a basic understanding and practice of Spanish grammar.

2. The course will cover daily routine vocabularies and phrases so that students become familiar with the language used in everyday situation and are able to understand and communicate

3. Our classes are designed to practice grammar, vocabulary, phrases and listening comprehension.

4. Exercises are based on the content of the texts or grammatical paragraphs that you have already read.

5. You have 3 or 6 months to access the platform, do the exercises, study and expand your vocabulary and at the same time to strengthen grammar.

6. There are tests to revise everything you’ve already seen in the previous units. These tests will help you know and visualize how you are progressing your Spanish.

You´ll have a 12 months to pass 180 h course what contains 3 levels.

To obtain our certificates, there is an additional cost of 9 € and will be e-mail in PDF


Cambridge Institute

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From anywhere, at your own pace: you just need a computer with Internet connection


Why study Spanish?

It is the third most widely spoken language in the world. More than 500 million people speak it as their mother tongue or second language
It is the official language of more than 22 countries
It is one of the most important languages for international business, political congresses and international tourism
It is one of the official languages of the EU, MERCOSUR, UNESCO,UN and Red Cross
Learning Spanish will allow you to know the Spanish and Latin American cultures in depth
Learning Spanish is fun and can take you to different places in the world!
The prestigious Center of languages, Cambridge Institute, offers you a course at an unbeatable price

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